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Jugger Tournament this weekend-Skullbowl 2012!

The largest and most competitive tournament in all of Dargarth will be held this Sunday.  Jugger teams from across the continent will compete to three hundred stones for the rights to call themselves victors.  The Mercenaries of Bitter Peak host … Continue reading

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Armor of the Realm: Chainmail (AR3)

This is the first in a series of articles about the types of armor seen on the battlefields of Dargarth.  As more and more armor begins showing up, we’ll hopefully be able to detail each type of armor found in … Continue reading

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Latest Land Map (1.1.12)

The countries of Dargarth marshaled their forces and expanded borders across the map last week.  Peasants, Brigands, and even Zombies were defeated.  The Mercenaries of Bitter Peak and The Briarwood Clan both discovered towers on their searches, and have already … Continue reading

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