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How can you help Dargarth?

Alternate title: How to be awesome at Dargarthing An important way to contribute to Dargarth is to take on some of the effort to actually run the game.  This responsibility manifests itself with nobility, marshals, and knights.  But there are ways … Continue reading

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Latest Land Map (4.22.2012)

Event/adventure report will be up soon.  Until then, new map downloads and embedded versions are provided. Printer Friendly PDF Full Color PDF

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Noble Council Tourney 3/25/2012

This event was our first at Woodland Park. The Noble Council held a Tournament Of Five Fights (Single sword, Florentine, Sword and Shield, Freestyle, Spear). Baron Arminius won the day. Kendric the Mage also held a Smithing contest at the … Continue reading

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Forums and next land actions

The forums are open for business. Unfortunately, previous content couldn’t be salvaged.  This just means its time to fill the new one up with new content! Its a good location for in depth discussions that need a more permanent home. … Continue reading

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