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The Dargarth Summer Games (7/29/12)

The light of the sun bloomed bright over the treetops this morning in the land of Dargarth, as many wizards and warriors alike rose to participate in the Summer Games. Sounds of straps tightening over buckles, laces being tied taut, … Continue reading

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Land Map Update (7.29.2012)

The next land actions will be held on August 26th, since there is an adventure planned for August 12th.  Submitted actions for the 26th are due midnight on August 12th.  If there are any actions that will result in a … Continue reading

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Land Map Update (7.15.2012)

No country battles (invasion, ship battle, etc) are lined up for next event.  The Land Marshal’s computer has gotten back into line, and the image quality should be back to normal.

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Selected Minutes from the 7/15/2012 Noble Council meeting

Resolving Playtests: Green damage (spears, arrows, etc) cannot cause a mortal wound when striking limbs. Coreless shields are allowed in Dargarth, and can be broken in one hit from a red weapon.  Rules will be drafted soon to accommodate them. Fall Adventures: … Continue reading

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