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Adventurers Defend Village! (10.21.12 event)

Adventurers recruited to protect a small village have proven themselves talented and able!  The village, located in the center of the continent, sent out appeals to to all Dargarth nations.  They had been plagued by a malevolent force, which attacked … Continue reading

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A Codex of Myriad Bests: Skeletons

A project has started to write a semi in-character encyclopedia of all the monsters and creatures in Dargarth. If you’d like to help out, visit this forum post, or email  From time to time, entries may be posted on … Continue reading

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Land Map Update (10.7.2012)

A busy day of adventuring has resulted in a variety of changes on the land map!

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OMG! Phat Lewts!

Looting can be a tricky thing.  You might be asking yourself can I loot, how does it really work, who can I loot and what can I loot?  There is no need to look further, this article will explain how to … Continue reading

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