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Announcing the Dargarth Wiki!

That is correct, Dargarth now has a wiki.  It will serve as a community created repository of lore, character information, and more.  There’s lots of detail out there, please help contribute!

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Battle at the Crossroads (11/4/12)

Deep within the Eastern Mountains of Dargarth, in uncharted territory that lies just beyond the borders of the Explorers Guild’s territory, there is a wicked place that has been dubbed “the crossroads.” However, no lute players will trade their eternal … Continue reading

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Land Map Update (11.4.2012)

The latest edition of the land map is here.

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Noble Council Bylaws

The noble council has voted and approved a set of bylaws for itself.  These should lay out a formal method for it to operate, as well as its purview.  The full document can be read here.  The main points are … Continue reading

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