A Codex of Myriad Bests: Skeletons

A project has started to write a semi in-character encyclopedia of all the monsters and creatures in Dargarth. If you’d like to help out, visit this forum post, or email articles@dargarth.org.  From time to time, entries may be posted on the main page as standalone articles. The first article covers the foul undead that walk the earth as Skeletons!


Danger Rating: 3
AR 1, Lesser Undead, Immune to Green and Yellow Hits, Destroyed by one hit from Holy damage.
Terrain: All

Animated Skeletons are a particularly durable type of undead monster, often guarding a single location for decades or even centuries. They have no personality or intelligence of note, and violently attack any living being. It is possible that a natural force may raise these dead, but much more often skeletons are created as a result of foul magics.

A depiction of an animated skeleton

Most skeletons seem to be tied to a place of importance. They are frequently animated and controlled by powerful necromancy. Some Skeletons have been observed in the service of other dark beings, or roaming the land freely. Having been bound by magic, they are extremely loyal. As long as they remain controlled by the necromantic spell, they seek to fulfill whatever instructions they were given.

Skeletons often wield weapons and armor that they were accustomed to carrying in life. The weapons and armor is often in a state of disrepair, but this rarely dampens a skeleton’s lethality. Animated Skeletons move deceptively quick, and can strike as hard as a living being.  Like all undead, Skeletons have an innate vulnerability to Holy sources. Those who are sufficiently pious can count on the deities to smite Skeletons with great vengeance. A particular trait of Skeletons is that piercing weapons rarely have any effect on them, as they glance off bones and pass through ribs unimpeded. Make sure you are well protected, and have access to holy weapons or magical spells.


Skeletal Knight

Danger Rating: 6
AR 3, Lesser Undead, Shields, Immune to green and yellow hits, destroyed by one hit from Holy damage.
Terrain: All

Some Skeletons rise again in full armor. They still lack intelligence like normal skeletons, but the equipment they carry with them can make them intimidating creatures. It is likely that these armored skeletons come from well equipped warriors, perhaps ritually buried in the equipment. Although they are known as Skeletal Knights, it is unlikely that they all were once living knights of Dargarth. It is far more likely that they are simply heavily armored versions of the more common Animated Skeleton.

Because they retain all the fighting skills they had in life, Skeletal Knights can be threatening opponents for the unprepared. They attack viciously, and without concern for their safety. Spears do not work to keep them at range, and arrows can’t be used to destroy them from afar. For tose reasons, its often necesscarry to close in and trade blows with them. Make sure you have skilled fighters, since the Skeletal Knights often have the protection of at least chain mail. Even the most well armed Skeleton lacks intelligence and the ability to cast spells. For this reason, they do not pose the same risk as more advanced undead such as Wights or Liches (who may superficially resemble Skeletons).

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