Classes FAQ

What is a class?

Classes offer a number of abilities to a player.  It can also be a good guide for roleplaying, as some classes may not always get along.  A player who hasn’t declared a class is considered to be a fighter until they do so.  There is no multi-classing, you cannot mix abilities or spells from two classes.

How do you gain levels?

At each event you will gain one credit for the class you attend as.  For every five credits, you will advance a level.  For credits 1-5 you are level 1, for 6-10 you are level 2, and so on.  Bonus credits may be given for victories in tournaments, attending adventures, or for serving as an elder at an event.  There is no level cap.

What classes are available in Dargarth?

Anyone can play as a Fighter, Ranger, Thief, Monk, Cleric, Druid, or Mage.  Only players who are knights or nobles can play as a Paladin.  If you’ve played tabletop roleplaying games, most of these classes should be familiar to you.  Here’s a brief description of each class:

  • Fighters can wear any armor, wield any weapon, and carry any shield.  They get some limited repair and healing abilities at higher levels.
  • Rangers can wear armor up to AR3 and cannot carry tower shields.  They have some ability to heal and remove poison, but their biggest benefit is in land searches.  They allow more players to join a land search, thus increasing the odds of success.
  • Thieves cannot wield red weapons, tower shields, or wear armor heavier than AR2.  They have a number of abilities for adventures as well as the powerful back stab ability.
  • Monks may not wear any armor or carry a shield.  As they advance in levels, they gain defensive abilities such as “Ironskin” which makes up for their lack of armor.
  • Clerics can only wield blue weapons, but can carry any shield and wear armor up to AR3.  They have some magic abilities, mostly focused around healing.
  • Druids can only wear AR2 and cannot wield red weapons or tower shields.  They have a balanced blend of offensive, defensive, and healing magic.
  • Mages cannot wear armor, carry shields besides bucklers, or wield a weapon other than blue.  Most of their strength comes from their powerful assortment of spells.
  • Paladins can wear any armor, carry any shield, and wield any weapon except for ranged ones.  Their abilities and spells are similar to a lesser cleric’s.

For a full list of class abilities and spells, refer to the rulebook.

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