Shields FAQ

What does a shield consist of?

A standard shield has to be 1/2″ wood covered in foam.  Bucklers can be as thin as 1/4″.  You can’t feel the core through the padding, especially on the edges.  You should also pad the inner edge to prevent injuries to yourself when wielding it.

‘Coreless shields’ represent leather or wicker shields, and do not require the 1/2″ wood core.  They should still be rigid though, and adhere to all the other shield rules.

What types of shield are there?

A standard shield has a dimension over 18″ but none over 36″.  Tower shields have a dimension over 36″ and bucklers have no dimensions over 18″.  Some classes cannot wield certain types of shields.

What can I do with a shield?

Use it to block blows mostly.  Shields can take an unlimited number of blows from most weapons.  Red weapons can destroy a standard shield in two solid hits, and a coreless shield on one hit.  If that happens, any further blows continue through to the wielder’s arm.

You can also use a shield to push or “check” an opponent.  These are not blows or shield punches.  You also cannot check an opponent from the rear quadrant, or make contact with the head or neck.  Courtesy is requested, don’t check someone who is unprepared.

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