Countries and Land Rules FAQ

What is the Realm of Dargarth?

Besides being the game we play, Dargarth is also the name of the realm we inhabit.  There is no single unifying power in Dargarth, except for maybe “The Emperor,” but no one really sees him much.  Players may form into countries, which then explore and expand their territory, march to war, or any number of things.  This competition between countries forms a strategic meta-game that motivates events at Dargarth.  There is a map of the realm, which can be found here.

What are Countries?

A group of like minded players can form together as a country.  They claim 7 hexes on the map and create a banner, country colors, and wear surcoats.  Their holdings on the map generate gold, which can be spent to expand and develop the country, or on personal matters.  Country management is 100% to the players.  Some countries take pride in their honor and strength, others lie in wait, to pick off weaker rivals.  Countries can be destroyed if their hexes are invaded and wiped from the map.  They can also forge alliances, make deals, and broker accords.

What can countries do?

At each event, countries can carry out one “Land Action.”  These include exploring a new hex, invading some else’s, or building new assets.  Most of these actions cost gold, which countries earn from settlements, mines, or ships they control.  New countries start off with a city and a castle, and grow from there.

Why form a country?

It adds an extra layer of gameplay to Dargarth.  The strategy game can be challenging in ways that sword fighting isn’t.  It’s a good reason to fight, and a powerful country can be something to be proud of.  It’s also a great way to get to know other Dargarth players better.

How do I form a country?

Get at least two other friends together and decide what you want in a country.  Make yourselves a banner and surcoats.  Come out to events and represent yourselves well.  Full instructions can he found here.

How is the map made?

A program called Campaign Cartographer 3 was used.  It provides a good looking map that can be easily edited over and over without becoming unworkable.  It’s CAD based, and takes a bit to learn, but its very useful once that hurdle is passed.  A two part article was written about it, which you can read here: Part 1, Part 2.

Hey, this all seems really similar to Darkon

It should!  Dargarth was founded by two players from Darkon.  Most of the land rules are an edited version of Darkon’s system, which has been revised and tested continuously for two and a half decades now.

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