How to Make a Country

Forming a country is a great way to experience Dargarth.  At their most basic, a country is a group of friends who play Dargarth together.  Countries can be much more though.  The best countries prompt heavy roleplaying, stand tall on the battlefield, and make good showings at Dargarth adventures.

Get at least two other players together and decide on how you’ll run your country.  It’s a good idea to come to events and talk with experienced players before formally making a country.  When you’re ready, you’ll need to send off the following information to

There are only 3 things needed to be an official country (which must also be brought to events):

  • Three people
  • A banner
  • Surcoats for your members.  (Surcoats are matching tabards or another obvious uniform that features your country’s colors.)

There are also 4 things you need to tell the Land Marshal so they can put you on the landmap:

  • Your capital hex, where your first castle and city go.
  • Six additional hexes, within 3 hexes of the capital.
  • Your country’s colors.
  • Your country’s building style.

There are just a few more things that are needed to be a good country:

  • Regular attendance.  If a country does not attend for six events, it can be declared defunct.
  • A rich history/backstory.
  • An entry on the realm wiki.

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