Armor FAQ

What does armor do?

It lets you absorb more hits in battle.  Think of it as extra hit points, but only where the armor covers.  If you have an AR2 bracer on your forearm, you can take two extra hits to that hit location.  A 3rd hit, or any hit to an unarmored gap, would wound you.  Keep in mind that some weapons do two points of damage to armor.  That same AR2 bracer would be destroyed in one hit from a Greatsword.

What can armor be made from?

Leather, steel, or bronze, that’s it.  Armor made from aluminum, titanium, or other lighter materials offer an unfair advantage and are not authentic.  Canvas backings or other non-armor materials can of course be used to hold it together, but do not count as armor.

What are the different types of armor?

We recognize 4 strengths of armor.  AR1 protects one point, whereas AR4 protects from 4 points of damage.  Keep in mind that there are specific standards in the rulebook that these armors must match.

  • AR 1:
    • Light leather of at least 5/64″ (about 5 oz) thickness.
    • Layered leather to create 5/64″ of thickness with no gaps.
  • AR2:
    • Heavy leather (hide) of at least 1/8″ (about 8-10 oz) thickness, or layered to be that thick.
    • Studded leather (or canvas) with metal studs spaced evenly.
    • Ring armor is leather (or canvas) with metal rings attached flush with the surface.
  • AR3:
    • Chainmail made of interlocking steel or bronze rings.
    • Splinted armor made of metal plates with gaps in between.
  • AR4:
    • Scale armor made from overlapping metal scales.
    • Butted armor made from smaller plates of metal that contact each other with no gaps.
    • Banded armor with overlapping layers of metal.
    • Plate armor made of solid pieces of metal shaped to fit the body.

A general rule of thumb is AR1 is light leather, AR 2 is thicker leather or studded/ring armor, AR3 is partial metal coverage, and AR4 is complete metal coverage.

Why would anyone wear armor less than AR4?

Some types of armor can be heavy or too hot.  Additionally, not all character classes can wear armor.  Mages can’t wear any, while clerics can wear up to AR3.  Only the Fighter and Paladin classes can wear AR4.

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