Dargarth Asset Calculator

Dargarth Asset Calculator

This is a relatively easy-to-use spreadsheet made with Google Docs. You’ll still have to do data entry, but the math is already completed for you. You can re-use the same file each season. Just update with the changes your country experienced since last season.

If you’re spreadsheet savvy, you probably don’t need to read these instructions. Just make a copy of the file and get started. If you don’t have spreadsheet experience, read on!

To use it, you’ll need to open the original file linked above, and make a copy of it. You won’t have permissions to edit the original file, but you can make a copy for your own use. To do this, navigate to the File menu in the upper left, select “Make a Copy…“, then choose your new filename.

It helps to have a copy of the map open as you work. Start with your capital hex (with the crown over it). Only type in the blue cells. Type the hex # into Column A on the left. Then type what kind of settlement it has into Column B. If you spelled it correctly, the blue will change to green. If you spelled it incorrectly, it will turn red. You can always select a correct input option from the dropdown arrows.

You’ll be able to see some numbers update now. A figure will appear underneath your data input. That’s the seasonal value of that asset. It will also tally the asset at the top of the page. Finally, it will calculate into the Total Income at the top of the screen.

Continue with the fortress type in C column. Make sure to add Capital to Column D(capital hexes have no castle upkeep). If your city connects to a foreign city with a road, add that to Column E. Your hex should have a total value of 600 (700 with a connecting road).

Congrats, you’ve entered data for your capital. Go ahead and enter data for the rest of your hexes. Don’t bother with blank hexes, and don’t forget to include your boats!

I included a demonstration sheet so you can see what it looks like when it’s all filled out. That’s the Explorers Guild income for Summer 2015.

Hope it helps!


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