How To: Write an Article For Dargarth

Dargarth (and the overall Boffer LARP community) benefits from better dissemination of knowledge.  Its valuable to share ideas between games, but also important for everyone in Dargarth to have access to relevant topics.  This page is intended as a guide to those posting to the Dargarth front page.

The Nuts and Bolts of Posting

If you are interested in writing an article, contact to get set up with a writing account on the site (this is different than a forum account).  This allows you to draft the article with full formatting controls.  It is also possible to submit to with email attachments, but it is more difficult to edit drafts when submitted via email and the editor must format it for you.

With your account created, you can login the site using the “Site Admin” link on the bottom of the left hand sidebar.  To begin writing, find the posts menu on the left and select “add new.”  Your post will then be present under the “all posts” section if you need to find it later for further writing.

There is no formal style guide for the site.  Just try to write clearly and professionally, with few spelling or grammar mistakes.  Images can be added with the “Upload/Insert” option above the text window.  You can edit image size and properties with a right click and move it around by clicking and dragging.  Please add tags to your article, as they help with directing google results to the site.  Also make sure to add it to a category, most commonly “Articles”.

If you need to stop working and come back later, you can save the draft.  When you’re satisfied with the article, change its status (on the right of the screen) from “Draft” to “Awaiting Review.”  An editor will look over the article and ask for changes, correct small mistakes, or post it to the front page.

Bonus Credits

To encourage people to share ideas, the noble council may grant a bounty of 1-2 credits for an article written and posted to  These articles have to be outside the realm of normal responsibility (such as Land Marshal or Lore Marshal duties) and of sufficient detail and length.  A short article or collection of links will earn one credit, while a longer more in depth article can earn two.  You may also receive a bonus credit if you write an article relevant to Dargarth on another site.  Two suggestions are and

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