Land Map (4.26.11)

The first edition of the revised land map is here.  This is a good opportunity to explain how these maps will be hosted:

There are two versions of each map.  A “big” version is full color and full of detail.  A “lite” version is printer friendly, and only includes details relevent to gameplay.  When a new map edition is created, a blog post will be created under the “Latest Map Edition and News” category.  By clicking a link to that category, you will be presented with the latest Dargarth Map at the top of the page.  You can also navigate to older versions of the land map from that category if you have any reason to.  If you bookmark anything, be sure not to bookmark individual map posts, since those will not be updated.  Instead, bookmark the category listing.  Any questions can be directed to, on the forums, or in person at events.

You can either download the map .PDF files for yourself with the links below, or scroll down to view the map in your browser.

big4-26-11 lite4-26-11

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