Links to Gear Making Tutorials and Vendors


Garb the World
Really nice garb at reasonable prices.

Kult of Athena Clothing
Pricier combat-grade garb.

Tutorials for builders of all skill levels.  Its edited by players of Dargarth, and new articles are posted frequently.

Swordmaking on Youtube
Everyone has their favorite mathod, but this is a really good one to start with.

The Seattle Foam Store
Cheap foam in the upper U-District. They get swordfighter from time to time and will help you to the good stuff. Best of all, no shipping required.

Hollow Fiberglass Rods, and industrial grade foam.

Tap Plastics
A good local source for 1/2″ fiberglass rods. Great for cores and about $8 for 6′.

Fiberglass Cores
Shipping prices are high but these are strong, lightweight cores for smaller weapons.

Dagorhir Weapon Tutorials
Some basic DIY weapons-building guides that deliver Dagorhir-legal weapons. Make sure you double check the materials so that your weapon ends up Dargarth legal.

Forged Foam
Forged Foam, formerly known as EdHellen, sells durable high-quality weapons. They’re more expensive than making your own but last forever. Make sure you get a black or grey cover to adhere to Dargarth rules.


Patterns of the Armour Archive
The Armour Archive has functional historical patterns for nearly any piece of armor. Useful for designing just about any piece of armor, no matter the material.

Arador Armour Library
Has patterns as well as invaluable tutorials and general tips.

Mad Matts Armory
Functional armor and kits. Check out Matt’s Wisby Coat of Plates Kit for an inexpensive, good-looking plate armor that you don’t need an entire workshop to build.

The Mercenary’s Tailor Armoury
Reasonable prices on plate mail and kits.

Brettuns Village Leather
Best deals on leather anywhere. They also sell tools and hardware like grommets and studs. Catalog changes often.

Online Metals
A local resource for purchasing sheet metal and other materials.  They’re located in Seattle and offer will-call pickup so you can save on shipping.

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