Seattle Times article on Dargarth!

The Seattle Times did a front page article on Dargarth this morning. See the online version here! Make sure to check out the embedded video and picture gallery as well.

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Land Map Update 7/13/14

Land map update!

Mercenaries of Bitter Peak negotiated with the Angry Peasants at hex 1112 and managed to gain a copper mine and also built a hamlet.

Legion fought some Barbarians at hex 1803 to take control over some ruins and also managed to find a silver mine.

Erzoth fought some Men-At-Arms and won nothing


Full Color Version: Dargarthlandmap

Printer Friendlies:

Dargarth West: Dargarthlandmap1

Dargarth East: Dargarthlandmap2

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Land Map Update 6/1/14

Hey all! This is my first land map update. I know its not as high quality as the other ones, but bear with me while I figure out the program and how to do the background effects. I figured that I should put out a updated version because a lot has happened.


-A new country was formed! The Cult of the Blood Moon has shown up on one of the eastern islands of Dargarth. What will this new country bring to the table? Only time will tell.

-Erzoth invades the Damned, managing to push them back and take some of their land

-The Damned have expanded their lands and are trying to grab up as much as they can

-Legion has built boats and fought a  Thunderbird to get a new hex

-Mardur fought a Dragon, and recently fought some Flesh Golems over some Ruins.

-RagnFjord has continued to explore new lands on their islands, running into some peasants and paying them to join their country


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5-18-2014 Event: Thanks for attending!

Thanks for attending and being filmed! If you want to see the video created, check it out on youtube here, or click the HTML5 video below.

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Dargarth Spring Map 03/23/2014

BlackWhite Dargarth March 23rd 2014

Dargarth March 23rd 2014

Dargarth 23rd March 2014 JPG

What an awesomely fun day everyone! Erzoth conquered a damned hex controlled by many powerful undead with the aid of the noble Explorers Guild and other allies. Legion met stiff resistance at the hands of an unruly mob of crazed peasants. RagnFjord fought 12 goblins and a goblin king in the mountains of northern RagnFjord island and secured a Tower! Very exciting stuff. Excellent sportsmanship, attitudes and garb all around. Its exciting to see our game grow.

You guys rock! Happy Equinox, please get your upkeep/downgrade request in to me within the next 2 weeks country leaders. ^_^

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Skullbowl 2014 / Founders Day – Thanks for attending!

Skullbowl 2014 was a great success, thanks to all the organizers and participants. The event also marked our 4th founding day. That means Dargarth became four years old this sunday! Each year has been better than the last, and the game will be sure to grow better this year as well.

Here’s brief clips from our goal mounted camera today. For full screen footage with audio, head to our youtube page or click the image.

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Dargarth Map Update 01-26-14

B&W012614East  B&W012614West B&W012614Full FullColor012614 FullColorJPG012614

The Knights of Erzoth allied with other brave warriors of the First Kingdom, primarily Legion, and overran the first defenses of The Damned. Erzoth is now in possession of a new hex which includes a tower and a silver mine.

RagnFjord meet an enemy of Erzoth. The lone Goblin that had twice been driven off his land in recent months had no choice but to move north into the mountains of RagnFjord. Instead of killing or driving off the goblin however, RagnFjord called on Mardur to lend a diplomatic hand and offer the goblin sanctuary in either kingdom as well as gold for compensation. It is unclear which country the goblin may join but RagnFjord and Mardur will surely profit off the new silver mine the hex yielded.

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Dargarth 2014 Map 01-11-14


Erzoth has created an Army to attack the Damned

The next game on the 26th will therefore have an invasion, it will also have at least 1 ship battle.

Dargarth Full Color JPG 01-11-2014

Dargarth Full Color 01-11-2014

Dargarth East 01-11-2014 BW

Dargarth West 01-11-2014 BW

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I want to be on the Noble Council

When Dargarth was founded, the Noble Council ran the game in pretty much every regard. Since then, some of those leadership responsibilities have been dispersed to marshals and the Executive Board. It’s not always clear to players what the nobles do today. So what is the Noble Council, and how do I join it? Continue reading

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Successful Triumvirate Meeting (12.22.2013)

The club held it’s second annual Triumvirate Meeting today. Members of the Executive Board, Noble Council, and Marshal Council met to discuss the previous year, the next year, and to welcome the new leadership members. While not full minutes, to-do items discussed include:

  • Formalizing criteria for safe weapon checking
  • Creation of a Media position on the Executive Board to handle outside media relations, while keeping the Propaganda Marshal to handle internal Dargarth creations. (Executive Board will need to follow up to amend its bylaws)
  • The Marshals section of the rulebook will need to be updated to reflect the current positions.
  • Fundraiser/Potluck committee includes: Kerry (nominated by Dan), Harris, Quinn, and Angela. If you’d like to join, contact any of those people, or otherwise make yourself known.
  • Noob training will be under the umbrella of the Dominion Militia. The militia serves dual purpose of training players who areinexperienced to Boffer Larps, and verifying the safe fighting of experienced players, who are new to Dargarth.
  • A club build-day is in planning to create loaner weapons from idle materials. The committee includes Matt, Autumn, and Harris. If you’d like to join, contact any of those people, or otherwise make yourself known.
  • For better recruitment, the club plans to improve engagement with players on their first day, approach local colleges, and conventions. The convention committee includes Quinn, Wendy, Dameaion, Matt, and Jerry. If you’d like to join, contact any of those people, or otherwise make yourself known.
  • A discussion on a club harassment policy will begin in the new year.
  • All boards and councils need to hold meetings of their own in the near future, as they all have business on their plate.

A personal thanks to everyone who attended. It was an important meeting for Dargarth, and the club will be better off for the time spent. Good luck to President Jerry (Froste) in running future club meetings!

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