2:00 PM14:00

Marshal's Council Meeting

This is a meeting of the marshals' council to discuss and vote on any rules updates and changes. Any members are welcome to attend, but only marshals have voting rights, and only marshals, nobles, and members of the EB have speaking rights unless prearranged with the magistrate.

This is not an in-garb event (but feel free to wear garb if you want) and it is not a character credit event.

If you have any rules proposals or questions please email them to to the magistrate at magistrate@dargarth.org


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12:00 PM12:00

Triumverate Meeting

This is a Pot Luck meeting of the Noble Council, Executive Board and Marshals. All Members of the club are welcome to attend, but only those on one of the listed boards have speaking rights. If you have topics you would like to see discussed, please talk to a member of any of these boards.

This meeting will be at the Montlake Library in Seattle, from 1 - 4:30 PM

Address is 2401 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

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12:00 PM12:00

Surcoat Showdown

Baron Thorne has issued a challenge to all; create a belt flag and/or surcoat to represent your clan, your country, or your own personal heraldry. This should be original work built for this contest. Contestants will be judged on creativity and skill. Prizes shall be awarded at the end of the judging.

*Land Actions and Battle Games will be held as normal, of course.


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