Class Compendium - Part 2 - Rogues and Monks

We’re coming back for part 2 of our class compendium, this time looking at two classes that have more special abilities, and a tool kit of improved mobility than our first two. Rogue and Monk.


Rogues are proficient with all weapons except red weapons, and shields other than tower shields and light armors (AR 1 and AR 2). With a wide choice of weapons, rogues can play in any battlefield role, though their light armor does decrease their survivability as a frontliner compared to heavier classes like the fighter, ranger, paladin or cleric. With their backstab ability, as well as the extra mobility provided via the rope swing and wall climb, rogues make fantastic flankers, able to destroy even the most heavily armored targets when striking from surprise. Savalis who waits for the perfect moment to strike and uses disguises, feints and backroom deals to achieve his goals and enrich himself is a great example of a Rogue in Dargarth.

Poisons and disguise can allow rogues unparalleled access to quick assassinations , or to the interiors of enemy fortifications, allowing for some truly dastardly tactics (and with a potion of gaseous form, or cure mortal wounds for  healing their legs after jumping off a fortification, they might even survive!) One of the most powerful abilities in the Rogue’s tool kit is actually Read Magical Languages, which allows rogues to access the full might of any spellcaster’s arsenal via scrolls; a scroll of pouch paired with a power spell like Incinerate, entangle, passwall, or resurrection can dramatically change a battle and can be hard for other players to anticipate or counter.

While rogues often have many tricks up their sleeves, they can lack the armor to survive direct conflict with more offensively oriented classes such as fighters, rangers, monks or paladins who can bring red weapons to bear and quickly cut through rogues limited armor and can withstand or counter their tricks. That said, as always, player fighting skill often matters much more than class match-up.


Monks are proficient with all weapons, but not with any armor or shields. As a class, they focus on mastery of offensive fighting and can serve as a support, flanker or backline. If you want to play a heavy hitting melee character with some survivability and don’t want to purchase armor (or if your closet doesn’t have room for a shield) the monk might be for you. Monks in Dargarth benefit from the same expanded mobility options as Rogues, making them very useful in boarding actions during ship battles.

Monk’s special abilities are all focused on mobility and survivability. With the ability to block incoming arrows with Deflection, ignore the first damaging strike through Ironskin, and head-to-toe AR1 with Leatherskin, monks can excel in a support weapon (like a glaive or spear) or flanking role with either a short red weapon (like a greatsword) or florentine where their mobility can shine. Monk’s immunity to several types of special monster attacks such as diseases, poisons and mind-control  paired with their magical attacks through Mindful Strike can make them invaluable additions to adventuring parties, and at high levels, the Ironskin ability lets them eat damaging spell effects like Lightning Bolt and Burning Hands without fear (Ironskin does not however protect against siege damage effects such as Firebolt, or non-damaging spells such as Entangle or Icestorm).

While Monk’s weapon skills equip them well for laying down the hurt, they lack significant physical defenses, making most monks vulnerable to direct charges from shieldmen or frontliners who can take a few of their blows and keep coming. Additionally, since monk’s armor is a magical effect, they are vulnerable to disruption by Mages’ and Druids’ dispel magic, which removes both their armor and their slough.